A podcast chat with Cathy Hackl.
My talk for the 2022 IPA Excellence Diploma Cohort
I was slacking on the reading list a bit over March, a combination of finalising my renovation, exhaustion and honestly, a lack of motivation. But I’m…
A talk on how gaming, web3 and immersive worlds could change how we teach and how we learn.
A podcast chat with Stef Hamerlinck.
Netflix and Charlie Brooker release The Cat Burglar. In case you missed it, Charlie Brooker is back with another ‘Bandersnatch’, having released a new…
On ‘holding in common’ A thought-provoking piece on how web3 could unlock new governance and ownership models, far beyond those of the purely financial…
A chat with Dan Runcie and Gina Bianchini on the future of the creator economy
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