Periods, menstruation and women's health - how do we move the conversation forward?

A podcast chat with Lauren Kelly and Julie Masters

More than 50% of the world either has them, will have them or have had them in the past but the topic is still shrouded in shame and confusion.

With 1 in 5 women having experienced bullying related to their period (UK), 3 in 10 girls missing school during their period (USA) and the 15% of UK women unable to afford basic period care - now more than ever we need an open dialogue about menstruation.

So how do we bring this topic out from the world of hushed tones, weird code names and blue liquid, and into the open?

I sat down with Lauren and Julie to talk about how to move the conversation forward when it comes to periods, menstrual cycles and the broader area of women's health.

It's an area I'm deeply passionate about because there's so much potential and power to unlock for women and society within it.

You can listen to the full episode here:



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