The New Fandom Formula

And how it's about to change everything.

Last year, I wrote a piece titled ‘The Future Of Fandoms’, in which I posited that fandom would become the dominant currency, both culturally and commercially, within the realms of music, sports, movies, TV and more.

What I hadn’t realised is just how fast this prediction would turn from theory into reality and how expansive and exciting the developments would be.

So much has happened in this space in just one year that it can be difficult to keep up with it, let alone be able to connect the dots so that they make any kind of sense.

But with the aim of doing just that, I’ve put together a comprehensive overview to try to capture what’s unfolding, how the interweaving threads connect and where it may go next.

You can find a publicly available version of it here: The New Fandom Formula

But as an experiment, I’ve also created another version which contains all of the case studies that are locked in the public one, an entire back section which outlines how you can start to explore the fandom formula for yourself AND the ability to edit the deck (so you can steal my shit).

If you want that one, I’ve listed it on Gumroad as a paid download - you can find it here.