Oh hey,

Welcome to ‘Musings Of A Wandering Mind’, which is basically a home for my infrequent contemplations on culture, creativity, communications and any other crazy shit that catches my attention.

I tend to write when the mood strikes and when I actually have the time, so don’t expect frequency, brace yourself for sporadic shares, like exciting little surprises you forgot you ordered, arriving into your inbox with zero adherence to any kind of regularity, just keeping you on your toes 😉.

In the meantime, while you wait weeks, months or maybe years for my next piece, check out some of the ones I’ve enjoyed putting together:

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And if you find yourself thinking, ‘I need MORE’, well you are in luck my friend, because I can happily spam you on the daily, via Twitter. You can find me here.

Ok, over and out.

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Infrequent contemplations on creativity, culture and communications.


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